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Paul Nicklen

internationally renowned Photographer / ENVIRONMENTAL stroy teller

Paul Nicklen is a speaker, a TED Talks legend, an author, conservationist, and National Geographic Photographer. Nicklen lives a life of art, purpose and adventure, combining his career as a long-time assignment photographer for National Geographic magazine and co-founder of the non-profit conservation society, SeaLegacy. Nicklen’s sensitive and evocative work has garnered over 30 of the highest awards given to any photographer in his field, including the BBC Wildlife photographer of the year and the prestigious World Press Photo for photojournalism. He is equally recognized by the conservation community and was awarded the NRDC BioGems Visionary Award for his work in conservation. Most recently, Nicklen was bestowed an honorary PhD for the impact his photography has had on climate change. In the past two decades, Paul has collaborated with scientists, filmmakers, conservationists and explorers to create awareness and inspire action for global issues like climate change. Nicklen is the author of several books including Seasons of the Arctic, Bear; Spirit of the Wild, his best-selling monograph Polar Obsessionand his most recent e-book, Photographing Wild.

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Inder Nirwan

Film Director / Writer & Editor

Inder Nirwan is an award winning filmmaker born and based out of Vancouver, Canada. His career has spanned across many avenues of production including film, television, video games and digital marketing.

For the last five years, Inder has been working with Lush Cosmetics to produce hard hitting documentary films that spread awareness about social justice, environment and animal welfare issues. Inder’s films are insightful, impactful, timely, and have inspired action around the world. His short film focused on plastic microbeads polluting waterways preceded legislation in the United States to ban beads from production in personal care products, with Canada perusing similar policy. It has since been adopted by the US Navy as a training tool.

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film producer / global connector 

Gordon Weiske is a Canadian film and entertainment producer born in Toronto, Canada. Gordon’s first job in the film industry began in 1997 while assisting Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Robin Williams on the Academy Award winning movie, ‘Good Will Hunting’. A career that now spans two decades, Gordon has continued to work on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster feature film productions, including: X-Men, X-Men-2, How Too Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Cheaper By The Dozen, Shoot ‘Em Up, Hairspray, Repo Men, and RED. He has also worked alongside such luminaries as: Steve Martin, Jude Law, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, John Travolta, Charlize Theron, Ray Romano, Gene Hackman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dennis Hopper, Queen Latiffa, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Forest Wittaker, Lauren Bacall, and Bruce Willis. In 2008, Gordon partnered with Intellectual Property lawyer Mike Andrews and Co - Founded CanWood Entertainment Inc, a global entertainment company with its head office in Toronto, Canada where he works as a producer and handles the creative development for all of CanWood’s entertainment productions. In 2011 Gordon was asked to join the DreamWorks development team for two years to work alongside Steven Spielberg on the Sci-Fi television series, ‘Falling Skies’. Always in search of exceptional entertainment projects with mass audience appeal, Gordon continues to work as a producer for feature films, documentaries, and television productions with a personal mission to not only produce great productions for domestic and international audiences, but to create a much needed studio system that will nurture talent, create production jobs, and establish co-productions based from CanWood’s home office in Toronto Canada.