We Are All In This Together!

We Are All In This Together!

@WeCare2030 and @Sea_Legacy invite you to be part of history by contributing to the decline of Green House Gas (GHG) to avhieve the target of the @UN Paris Agreement Performance Index (@UNFCC), sign the petition below to include individual voluntary commitments of citizens and corporations during the @COP23FJmeeting in November 2017.

Climate Change has created stronger hurricanes, longer rain and snow periods, colder and longer winters, hotter and longer summers and has had adverse impacts on our oceans such as sea warming, coral bleaching, migration of fisheries from tropical and subtropical zones, damage to sea life and biodiversity and sea level rise jeopardizing 60% of the world population living in coastal areas.

What has been made by human kind can also be unmade by human kind! 
Sign now join the effort and become a multiplier of sustainability, a motivator of change for the health of our oceans and our planet.

Sign the petition at by clicking "HERE"

Special thanks to @PaulNicklen and @CristinaMittermeier renown @NatGeo photographers for their wonderful contribution used in this campaign. 

Be sure to repost this campaign, and send us pictures of you signing the #WeAreAllin petition to be featured and or re-posted! 

Help us spread the word and together, we can all change climate change!


We Care 2030