General Statement by : Isaias Medina

Isaias Medina III


Why resign from Venezuelan Permanent Mission at the U.N. Now?

My father taught me to do the best of what you can, wherever you are, with whatever you have, even more, when you are representing your country. My grandfather gave up his presidency not to shed one drop of blood of a Venezuelan citizen due to the thirst of power.

I just wanted to do the right thing, Mr. Almagro says, “Silence is the biggest partner of impunity” I am a fighter against impunity. 

Is it possible not to intervene in defense of democracy and freedom to counter this “Neo-Totalitarian” regime criminal behavior, quoting my dear friend JJ Rendon, I would only add International Criminal Organization to the definition.

As diplomat at the U.N. I was working on many issues in the 6th committee of international law and international criminal tribunals, though my focus was overturning prejudicial trends affecting the health of the oceans, sea level rise and the impact on Pacific Small Islands Development States, and changing Climate Change, currently raising 1 million signatures petition to COP23 of the UNFCCC convention, for ease of reference look into my NGO

It is self-evident that working on global environmental issues and on the six committees of international law do not endorse human rights violations, crimes against humanity, corruption or holding illegally political prisoners, it's actually quite the opposite.

The Resistance are the heroes of change in Venezuela, they have become my strongest motivation to resign and to join them in the fight to bring back the rule of law to our country. 

I joined the Resistance expressing my civil insurgency resigning my post at the U.N as a public call to contribute the awaking of other civil servants to repudiate the Constitutional Assembly and avoid consolidating a dictatorship, it is my understanding that yesterday Venezuelan Consul to Panama resigned in protest of human rights violations, very commendable, I hope many more do the same. It’s my intention to raise awareness of the international community and international media of the profound humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and the present risk Maduro’s regime represents to international peace and security. 

Maduro seems to be following Manuel Noriega’s path and will end up in the same place.

We need help from our friends, the International Media, to make Venezuelan crisis-news, less foreign.

Maduro’s Confusion tactic: think one thing, say another and do something completely different

Facts have not corresponded with the promises made by el Chavismo. Maduro’s speech is border line “gas lighting psychotic” he blames the US, and anybody else but himself, for his own incompetence, inefficiency and negligence, Crisis in Venezuela is completely unsustainable. 

For context please allow me to highlight some figures:

  • More than 350,000 dead due to violent crimes in the last 18 years, presently 30,000 citizens are killed yearly
  • 97,5% impunity rate, with no separation of powers 
  • Harvesting approximately 600,000 paramilitary soldiers in conceal training camps
  • Encouraging local warlords and organize crime organizations as proxy illegal enforcers
  • Venezuelan diaspora more than 2,5 million displaced people
  • have become facilitators of drug trafficking route to USA and EU 

Caritas Internationalis (Cristian love of human kind Charity) index increase since 2016:

  • Infantile Mortality rate 35%
  • Maternal mortality 66%
  • Medicine availability 85%
  • Malaria, diphtheria, and tuberculosis 240,000 cases 2016
  • Scholarly abandonment 45%
  • Poverty 85%
  • Inflation projected to end 1,200% even though central bank has not made figures public since 2014.
  • National debt 97% GIP, $10 billion of national reserve the lowest in 15 years

Undeniably Maduro has turned Venezuela into a failed State and reached #1 in corruption, inflation, violence, and crimes.


In the last 100 days, we have been witness to:

  • Asymmetrical and disproportional use of force by Maduro’s Armed Forces
  • More than 100 protesters murdered
  • More than 450 political prisoners 
  • More than 15.000 injured protesters
  • Systematic violation of human rights and committed crimes against humanity as a member State of the International Criminal Court Maduro must be prosecuted, highlighted by Almagro’s 3rd Report, the OAS recruited Luis Moreno Ocampo former Prosecutor of the ICC
  • Also exposed in Almagro’s 3rd report, Rape as a torture tool and other cruel forms of tortures has increased exponentially
  • Systematic persecution of civilians and repeated civil rights violations
  • State terrorism utilizing local armed paramilitary non-state-actors called “Colectivos” under the umbrella of the national guard, like Manuel Noriega used in Panama before the intervention
  • Military trials to civilians violating their natural jurisdiction

Stop the Constitutional Assembly

We must stop the Constitutional Assembly, it was illegally and fraudulently convened by Maduro to take place this Sunday - as the Venice Commission has clearly established. 

The Constitutional Assembly is Maduro’s pursuit of infinite power in Venezuela, infinite power means infinite corruption and the power to undermine human rights and turn the dial up on crimes against humanity and political dissent.

The way out should be Maduro’s immediate cease to resist the mandate expressed by 7.5 million Venezuelans, possibly the largest public expression in the planet in a Public Consultation held Sunday July 16th, meaning Maduro’s regime should immediately suspend the Constitutional Assembly and Capitulate.

Risk to International Peace and Security

“More than Chaos: terror ties make Venezuela – under Maduro’s Regime – direct threat to the United States” quoting Diego Arria former Venezuelan UN Security Council President and one of my dearest mentors, also Maduro represents a national security risk to the U.S. due to CITGO’s concocted encumbrances to foreign interests.

If we allow them to get away with their plan can you imagine the butterfly effect? It will spread like cancer in the region.

Maduro’s Regime has 5,000 SA-24 MANPADS mobile weapons surface to air, the largest known stockpile in Latin-America, this alone should make Venezuela a pressing concern for the United Sates and the region because of ease of transport, the country’s turmoil and Maduro’s terrorist and drug traffickers ties.

Some examples of Maduro’s regime actions:

  • Generalized Food and medicine scarcity: Diabetics losing limbs for lack of dialysis. Aids and cancer patients dying due to unavailability of treatments
  • Exchange control as a Weapon of mass destruction of the private sector, destroying the economy in the country
  • Total international and local censorship of rigorous press a “Sine Qua Non” elemental source to ensure good democratic governance, the former president of the Inter-American Press Institute (IAPA) Miguel Enrique Otero published pictures of piled up bodies at the morgue, instead of fixing the problem his news outlet was sanctioned, and the morgue still pilling up bodies like cement bags.
  • Did you know Maduro’s President of the Supreme court is a convicted murderer? twice
  • In Venezuela, citizens are more afraid of the state police than street criminals, sometimes there is no difference, they just change uniform
  • The D.E.A was kicked out by the Maduro Regime, to facilitate Latin America’s drug trafficking corridor to the US and EU
  • The national budget is managed by the executive branch without oversight or approval of the legislative branch, he has a blank check book to sponsor terrorism, drug trafficking and attack dissidents.
  • Maduro’s shadow Supreme Court has decided to usurp Venezuelan legislative power competence
  • Committed State terrorist attacks against the federal palace

Nicolas Maduro’s regime represents an imminent and present threat to international peace and security, should be addressed by the horseshoe of the Security Council under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter and authorize an immediate humanitarian intervention under the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, in absence of U.N. action due to vetoes, besides stronger individual, financial and sectoral sanctions, the international community should intervene swiftly without hesitation, the world needs to act, Venezuela is at the brink of civil war, a blood bath due to the asymmetric and disproportionate armed force against sticks and stones, text book David and Goliath. 

We can still prevent it, 90% of the population of Latin-American through the OAS has expressed solidarity, we need game changing positions, it’s time to take the silk gloves off.

We must defend peace, democracy, and freedom - not crime, corruption and violence.

We must be aware of the regressive path Maduro represents.

The outrageous Venezuelan crisis is a pressing concern equal-to and can easily become even worse than the Syrian conflict or become the next North Korea in Latin America an Atomic weapons free zone.

What to do?

  • Immediate humanitarian corridor access, medicine and food
  • Stop violent repression immediately 
  • Stop the fraudulent and unconstitutional Assembly convened by Maduro this Sunday
  • Preemptive humanitarian intervention
  • Freedom of all political prisoners
  • Disarmament of the paramilitary non-state actors 
  • Create a Transitional justice system 
  • Rebuild the Rule of Law Stablishing “Peace through justice” 
  • Convene a U.N International committee against impunity, like the successful Guatemalan experience
  • Transitional government should swiftly Call for general elections
  • New inclusive Social Pact and national reconciliation movement to re unite our citizens eliminating extreme polarization 
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